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SOON LIGHT & PROJECT , in addition to hundreds of lighting products developed by Turkish and American engineers since 2006, and offers lighting design solutions to its customers with projects realized in
dozens of countries in three continents.
SOON LIGHT & PROJECT, creating an identity for hotels, museum, historical buildings and monuments, bridges, factories, stadiums, shopping malls, hospitals and schools and converting them into living and breathing
spaces, has rapidly grown since the inception thereof in 2006 and continues to undertake prestigious projects at home and abroad with the pride of being Turkey’s most successful lighting company.
SOON LIGHT & PROJECT is the owner of approximately 100 patented products by adopting the principle of “THE BEST PROJECT, THE BEST PRODUCT and THE BEST CONTROL” by basing on the policy of “Production
is needed for opening up to the world and globalization” as well as producing innovative products thanks to the expert engineers thereof who never lose their enthusiasm”.
Our goal as, SOON LIGHT & PROJECT, is to deliver products according to projects by virtue of our R&D works constantly renewing itself and realize our designs which integrate with the architectural structure
timely and perfectly.

From Yesterday To Today Soon light & Project...

SOON TECHNOLOGH started to function in Istanbul.
Implemented project for the first time in Germany with DMX512 systematized armature with self- installed sofware.
By registering its second brand named SOON Light&Project, started to manufacture LED armature with architectural solutions.
Designed the first historical artifact illumination with the help of LED armatures in Turkey and put it into practice.
SOON TECHNOLOGH, having more than 10 patents, decided to globalise its technological substructure used in its designs.


Initial Discovery and Analysis:

In our domestic and international projects, the exploration and analysis process is divided into two phases. The first of these is completed
projects, and the other is the projects that have not yet started or whose exterior facade has not yet been completed. In completed projects, exploration and design are made on the photographs of the area where lighting work is desired, while in projects that have not yet started
In projects, exploration and design are made on architectural drawings. While designing, we pay attention to the most
the important thing is to preserve the personality that architects give to buildings. That’s why before the design is done, we have
interior and exterior architects and lighting experts complete the project analysis.

3D Modeling and Lighting Calculation:

The modeling and lighting calculation of the lighting made in our projects, whose analysis and design are completed, are modeled in simulation programs. If the lighting of the products used in the design is used in the simulation
If it is insufficient, project-specific products are developed and produced. Exterior lighting design and
The most important factors we pay attention to in our calculations are the LOR value (Light output ratio) of 80% and ULOR value of
(Upward Light output ratio) is 0%.

Techno Economic Evaluation:

Investment cost and energy efficiency of projects whose design, modeling and lighting calculations have been completed,
The feasibility study of the project is provided by extracting economic values such as recovery. In the meantime, each in their field
specialized Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Engineers and Analysts came together to develop a complete existing
and, if necessary, evaluating alternative studies to make your project the best for you.
advantageous position.

Product and Assembly Details:

According to the physical and geographical conditions of the application location (exterior cladding, exterior facade shape, temperature and
rainfall condition), the color of the product, the arrangement of the light source (LED) and the assembly details are prepared and samples are produced.
The prepared samples are tested in dry and wet environments (Wet environment tests are only for IP protected products and IP class
according to the test results) tests are completed. Mass production or development process continues according to the test results received
It does.

Efficiency (Energy - Cost):

As SOON LIGHT & PROJECT, the quality and lighting coefficient of our products as well as the location to be used
It is one of our most important tasks to ensure 100% harmonious operation. With the energy consumed by our products
The existing lighting used in buildings is analyzed and compared. In these analyzes, the most
The important factor is the investment cost / energy cost recovery ratio.

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