Project Detail

US Polo Assn., named after the sport of polo also known as the sport of kings and noble people in history, gives direction in our day to fashion with comfortable and stylish products thereof inspired by this sport. A particularly maintained style dominates the brand’s collection. Colors and of emblem of Classic US Polo Assn carry the spirit of this sport while supporting this style. The brand appealing to everyone and every age including women, men and children’s and is the favorite of the youth as well as families. US Polo Assn., founded in the US in 1890, Is the administrative unit of the horse polo sports in the United States and in Canada and its mission is to bring together polo fans throughout the world and establish a US Polo Assn. team which is loyal to sports and which loves sports. US Polo Assn., included within the Aydınlı Group in 1997, is represented in 42 countries including Turkey by Aydınlı Group in our day. Home textiles, promotion group, seafood, etc. collections of US Polo Assn. in addition to men, women and children apparel and underwear, accessories, footwear, leather goods and etc. are under the license management of the Aydınlı Group. US Polo Assn., has 126 stores throughout the world 212 of which are in Turkey. Both new stores as well as the existing stores –by modifying- were illuminated by Soon Light & Project.