Project Detail

The brand, foundations of which were laid by in 1950 in France by Monsieur Pierre Cardin, has become one of the biggest fashion empires of all time giving direction to the world of fashion with the innovations and unusual designs thereof. Pierre Cardin, who In particular has reflected the enthusiasm of period in the 60s when there were intensive space explorations to his collections with the theme of “Space Age, is one of the first representatives of avant-garde and futuristic style in world fashion. Pierre Cardin, who has presented tights, shoulder pads and maxi-coat to garment industry which still keep their places in wardrobes in our day regarded as one of the best known five French fashion designers of the earth by authorities. Pierre Cardin, who opened boutiques in many parts of the world from America to China, the Soviet Union and U.K. after the 1980s, has increased the awareness thereof by operating as a design brand also in the fields of jewelry, perfumes, furniture and accessories without being limited only to clothes. All stores of this brand, also operated through the “Aydınlı Group”, are illuminated by Soon Light & Project.