Project Detail

Being one of the few enormous mosques in Istanbyl with its great and intense architectural details, this magnificent construction is designed to serve to more than 40.000 people. The lightning on the dome is made with special reflectors ant color filters exclusively to Green Mosque. While lightning the mosque in green in accordance with its color, glare is prevented and suitable color on lead surfaces is provided. The domes, which are the most distinct details of the structure, are lightened with powerful LED sources and the glorious effect of the mosque emerges even in the nights. The columns, glasses on the main body and porches, which are other important details of the mosque, are made explicit with regional LED lights and dramatic effect that the mosque deserves is provided. While minaret balconies are lightened with modern LED source, they also attract people with their lampions(kandil). Green is perceived as moral color ant is used on minarets and balconies combined with 3000K hot white.