Project Detail

Showrooms under the name of S&S Motors, were named after shareholders’ initials (Serdar İNAN & Sinan KANDEMİR)and registered.The staff who expertised primarily in purchase and sale of upmost segment sport automobiles known as Super Cars, has carried this knowledge and practice to deep experience also about luxury personal cars and luxury land vehicles.S&S Motors that manages the vehicle portfolios of Turkey’s biggest corporate and rooted companies, has met its needs in lighting field with patented products of Soon Light&Project. As Soon Light & Project, we designed in this lighting project by being influenced of features of these vehicles. In the structure, we can dim each part independently, as well as all the products. Another feature of this control system is that while products lighten on a level of 20%, light levels in the direction of a customer increases within 3 seconds from 20% to 100% as to when sensors connected to the system detects a movement.