Project Detail

Being established in Beylikdüzü with 100 million TL investment and the first “Automobile Shopping Center” in Turkey, Otoport has opened its gates to visitors since April 2012.Exterior floor terraces were bordered with glass walls.As Soon Light&Project, we enabled the glass walls to get coloured with self – developed special reflection systems by placing exterior lighting armatures near the centers of these glass walls.The goal of this newly developed system is to prevent objects near the block from transforming into a colour form. By using each seperately addressed (Total of 1700 address) green and blue colour combination, the architectural line of the building was being remained loyal. For interior lighting, 60×60 panels and Led bar series armatures, which has been specifically developed for this project, were used. 60×60 panels have been particularly designed and produced according to the ceiling height.Therefore, the same light level can be captured at every point of the building.