Project Detail

Sultan Mihrimah Mosque or Iskele Mosque is the architectural work of art that Mimar Sinan designed for Kanuni Sultan Suleyman’s daughter Mihrimah Sultan. In 2013, the construction’s restoration was realised by the commision founded by Mimar Sinan University. With the dynamic lightning project applied to the marvelous structure, it is aimed to make its architectural value come to light. In this rigorously conducted project, with the purpose of keeping dynamic lightning under control, some parts of the mosque can be controlled by dimming system from a central point. After the restoraiton, for being flexible to show architectural elements: -11,4 diameter main dome and 3 assistant half domes -Complete and half little domes around the main dome -Bottom parts of the two minarets -Upper parts of the two minarets -25 arches symbolising Mihrimah Sultan’s skirt and located in the mosque yard and their carrier columns it has a feature of dimming from a single point. In addition to these, in some parts of the mosque, working has been done with the help of Wallwasher armatures. Surface of the facade is reinforced by projectors and 2-floored lightning is provided. Inside an outisde lightning concept prepared with these functions and product belong to Soon Light & Project.