Project Detail

The place of the Mevlana Dervish Lodge which is used as a museum today, had been the Rose Garden of the Seljukian Palace and it was given as present by Alâeddin Keykubad to Sultânü’l-Ulemâ Bâhaeddin Veled, the father of Mevlana. The museum area was 6.500 m² together with the garden, by expropriation, it reached to 18.000 m² together with the sections arranged as Rose Garden. The tomb, which has been used actively since 1231, had been expanding with additional buildings built on the land for many centuries, came to the 19th century. Mevlevi Dervish Lodge and Tomb started to serve as a museum under the name “Konya Åsâr-ı Âtîka Museum” in 1926. In 1954, the display and arrangement of the museum were re-examined and the title of the museum was changed to “Mevlana Museum”. SOON Light & Project designs and products are used in all the lighting design and production of this unique work which is the second most visited place of Turkey.