Project Detail

Makro Market was founded by Songör family in 1991, and became the leader of Turkey’s retail industry by increasing the number of stores to 224 by the end of its 20th year.As a result of the agreement made with Makro Market, Soon Light&Project would lighten primariliy 62 existing stores and all new stores with LED armatures.Due to the lighting efficieny acquired with LED armatures, approximately 10 oC heat gain was provided especially in grocery and delicatessen section which can be affected by least temperature.As a sequence of the general examinations made in Makro Markets, Soon Light&Project has minimized the annual lighting expenses of the stores up to 60% by producing solutions with different lighting systems for different sections.Soon Light&Project has designed products which can be converted to LED by using existing infrastructure of products, therefore also minimized infrastructure and maintenance expenses of Makro Markets.