Project Detail

Le Méridien has been built by Mak-Yol Construction, and for its internal design the company has worked with Metex Design. Soon Light&Project has managed to generate solutions for demands of both Mak-yol in erection work, and Metex Design in designing. By this means, wholly new products whose form and technical specifications are in accordance with architects’ demand, and also which will have the intended effect on architectural lines, have been designed. Outside lighting, general lighting, in-room areas, corridors, dining hall, and Cafe&Bar have been lightened up by Soon Light&Project products. The product named Soon Jedi has been developed specifically for outdoors. Soon Jedi has a particular birefringent lens in order to enable light to flow on the hard-edges of the building. Thus, light does not burst on the encountered obstacle, yet keep its axial flowing by refracting at the obstacle.