Project Detail

The place where the Aziziye Mosque in Konya took place was known as Bezirganlar Hanı Arsası (Land of Bezirganlar Inn) previously. In the same land, before the Mosque,between the years of 1671-1676, there was Sanctuary also known as High Mosques with shops under it, that was built by Damat Mustafa Pasha who is the husband of Hatice Sultan, the daughter of the Fourth Mehmet. That building was burnt down in 1867 with many shops around it, and in 1875 it was rebuilt by combining Baroque- Rococo and Ottoman style with the help of Pertevniyal Hatun, the mother of Sultan Abdulaziz. The Sanctuary made by the Cutting Godene Stone is one of the best examples of the last Ottoman architecture. The Mosque made with Turkish Baroque style has taken attraction with its two minarets which has fountain base in its two edges in narthex on marble pillar with three domes. It is covered with a spacious dome. This enormous historical work was illuminated by SOON Light Project and its solution Partner Doğuş Led.