Viewing and analysis process is divided into two stages in our projects at home and abroad. The first stage is as to completed projects while the other stage is as to projects which have not yet started or exteriors of which are not completed yet. Viewing and design is made on the photos of the area for which lighting is desired in completed projects while viewing and design is carried out on the architectural drawings working in projects which have not started yet. The most important issue we pay attention during the preparation of the design is to protect the identity given by the architects to the buildings. Therefore prior to preparing the design project analysis is completed by the interior-exterior architects and lighting experts of our company.

Modeling in simulation programs and lighting calculations of lighting works Analysis and Design of which are completed in our projects are performed. If the lighting of products used in the design is inadequate in simulation, special products are developed and manufactured for the project. The most important factors we pay attention in the exterior lighting design and calculation are having the value of LOR (Light Output Ratio) as 80% while having the value of ULOR values (Upward Light Output Ratio) as 0%.

Feasibility study of the project is realized by obtaining economic values such as investment costs, energy efficiency, recovery of projects, design, modeling and lighting calculations of which are completed. In the meantime, Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineers and Analysts, each of whom are experts in their fields, come together and make the evaluation of the available completed work or if necessary the alternative works, and provide the project in the most advantageous way for you.

Samples are produced by preparing the color of the product, layout of the light source (LED) and installation details according to physical and geographical conditions (siding, form of exterior, temperature and rainfall) of the location where application will be made. The tests of the prepared samples are completed in dry and aqueous environments (aquatic environment tests are carried out only according to products with IP protection and according to IP class). Serial production or development process continues according to the obtained test results.

It is one of our most important tasks, as SOON LIGHT & PROJECT, to ensure 100% harmonious functioning with the location to be used in addition to the quality of our products and the lighting coefficient. The energy consumed by our products is compared with the analyses carried out for the available lighting used in buildings. This most important issue considered in these analyses is the recovery of the investment costs/energy costs.