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SOON LIGHT & PROJECT , in addition to hundreds of lighting products developed by Turkish and American engineers since 2006, and offers lighting design solutions to its customers with projects realized in dozens of countries in three continents.

SOON LIGHT & PROJECT, creating an identity for hotels, historical buildings and monuments, bridges, factories, stadiums, shopping malls, hospitals and schools and converting them into living and breathing spaces, has rapidly grown since the inception thereof in 2006 and continues to undertake prestigious projects at home and abroad with the pride of being Turkey’s most successful lighting company.

SOON LIGHT & PROJECT is the owner of approximately 100 patented products by adopting the principle of “THE BEST PROJECT, THE BEST PRODUCT and THE BEST CONTROL” by basing on the policy of “Production is needed for opening up to the world and globalization” as well as producing innovative products thanks to the expert engineers thereof who never lose their enthusiasm”.

Our goal as, SOON LIGHT & PROJECT, is to deliver products according to projects by virtue of our R&D works constantly renewing itself and realize our designs which integrate with the architectural structure timely and perfectly.

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ZHAGA, an international consortium; Based on the product and technology we have developed, SOON LIGHT & PROJECT was the 13th Anniversary of 2010. member. In regular meetings every year, SOON LIGHT & PROJECT is shaping the future of LED together with the world's leading LED and luminaire manufacturers.

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In our projects, the first of the exploration and analysis process is the completed projects, and the other is the projects that have not yet been started or whose exterior façade has not been completed. In completed projects, discovery and design are made on the photographs of the lighting work, while in the projects that have not started, discovery and design are made on the architectural drawings.

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Human Resources

The aim of the Human Resources department at SOON LIGHT&PROJECT is, to provide qualified manpower to our company, to create the infrastructure required for them to perform their duties with high motivation and to improve the knowledge and skills of our employees so that they can be prepared for higher duties.

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